Node-red changing title bar icon

Node-red dashboard plugin provides a quick setup for a user interface. But sometimes, you may want to change the template to suit your own application. The following post will provide a simple method for editing the title bar icon and tags when loading into the dashboard.

The Node-red icon (white background) in the dashboard is stored in


Raspberry Pi

If the above directory does not exist, you may try the below directory.

Raspberry Pi

the logo shown in title bar is icon64x64, while the dashboard loading page logo is icon120x120. Chrome will cache the title bar icon, so you may want to delete the history and refresh the page to see the update.

All the configuration is stored in:


It is better to change the configuration before opening the dashboard website to prevent using the old logo stored in cache. Otherwise, search for the cache or backup flow to check whether it is updated or not.

grep -ril '/home/pi/.node-red' -e "your old content in string"


You may also change the index.html file to point to another file other than icon120x120.png.

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="icon120x120.png">

Changing tags works as well.

<h2>Welcome to the Node-RED Dashboard</h2>

Updating Node-red may reset the icon to factory settings, so you could also write a script to copy the icon for every start-up. To learn more about running scripts on startups, you may visit this link.

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